Capsicum Masala By kamalasrinivas

Capsicum Masala  By kamalasrinivas

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Capsicum masala, a spicy recipe made so easy to prepare ! Add chopped capsicum with a range of Indian spices to prepare a lip smacking capsicum masala recipe.

Capsicum Masala By kamalasrinivas recipe - How to make Capsicum Masala By kamalasrinivas

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3 large capsicums
3 medium onions
2 1/2 tbsp sesame (til) powder
1 tbsp powdered peanuts
1/4 tsp turmeric powder (haldi)
1 tbsp ginger-garlic (adrak-lehsun) paste
1 tbsp coriander (dhania) powder
1/2 tsp chilli powder
a little tamarind (imli) pulp (can be avoided)
salt to taste
oil as required


  1. First cut the capsicum into small square pieces and slice the onions.
  2. Heat the oil and add the onions.
  3. Saute them until they turn light brown on a low to medium flame.
  4. Then add the turmeric powder and the ginger garlic paste.
  5. Then add the capsicum pieces and again fry them for 5 - 6 minutes.
  6. Then add all the other ingredients except tamarind paste and salt.
  7. When the capsicum is almost cooked add the tamarind juice and salt.
  8. Cook for another 5 minutes and the curry is done.


  1. you could cook on low flame with a lid so that the wetness required is generated from the ingredients or if you need it little dry donot use the lid. you could avoid the tamarind paste