Carrot Cake , Healthy Snack for Kids

Carrot Cake , Healthy Snack for Kids

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Older children enjoy cake as an occasional treat but plain sponge cakes can be a little boring for them.

Carrots have been added as they add variety and also provide substantial amounts of vitamin A and fibre. Cinnamon, nutmeg, milk and jaggery impart delicious flavours to this cake.

This cake is really a great "tiffin box" item that your baby will enjoy during play time.

Carrot Cake , Healthy Snack for Kids recipe - How to make Carrot Cake , Healthy Snack for Kids

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Baking Time:  1 hour   Baking Temperature:  180°C (360°F)   Total Time:     Makes 24 pieces
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  1. Sieve the whole wheat flour, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder and baking powder together and keep aside.
  2. Combine the butter, jaggery and milk in a broad non-stick pan, mix well and cook on a slow flame for 2 minutes, while stirring continuously.
  3. Combine the butter mixture, flour mixture and grated carrots in a deep bowl and mix well with the help of a spatula.
  4. Grease a 175mm. (7”) diameter cake tin with melted butter and dust it with whole wheat flour and pour the prepared mixture into it and soread it evenly using a spatula.
  5. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°c (360°f) for 1 hour. Cool on a wire rack.
  6. Demould and cut into pieces and serve or store in an air-tight container.
Nutrient values per piece
Energy75 cal
Protein1.1 g
Carbohydrates10.1 g
Fiber0.5 g
Fat3.3 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Vitamin A260.6 mcg
Vitamin B10 mg
Vitamin B20 mg
Vitamin B30.3 mg
Vitamin C0.3 mg
Folic Acid3.7 mcg
Calcium21.6 mg
Iron0.5 mg
Magnesium0 mg
Phosphorus0 mg
Sodium34 mg
Potassium33.9 mg
Zinc0.2 mg
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Carrot Cake , Healthy Snack for Kids
 on 09 Nov 19 04:34 PM

Tarla Dalal
11 Nov 19 11:54 AM
   Riza, we are delighted you liked the carrot cake recipe. Your feedback will help lots of cooking enthusiast try the recipe. Thanks.
Carrot Cake , Healthy Snack for Kids
 on 06 Feb 19 10:18 AM

Hi,can we use additional jaggery instead of honey since heating honey is not advisable ,if yes what should be the quantity ? Any other option instead of cinnamon since my kid dsnt like the taste of it ..
Tarla Dalal
07 Feb 19 09:27 AM
   Hi Mansi, The recipe does not make use of honey at all. If your kids do not like the flavour of cinnamon, you can skip adding it.
Carrot Cake , Healthy Snack for Kids
 on 07 Oct 18 02:15 PM

I made this cake and I used plain flour instead of wheat flour..The recipe came out awesome..
Tarla Dalal
08 Oct 18 08:43 AM
   Hi Neeta, That is amazing. Do try more and more recipes and let us know how you enjoyed it. Happy cooking !!
Carrot Cake , Healthy Snack for Kids
 on 02 Jan 17 05:32 PM

Hi mam. Can we reduce the quantity of butter or replace it with refined oil or olive oil
Tarla Dalal
03 Jan 17 08:34 AM
   Hi Geetanjali, Butter will give a good taste to this recipe, oil will not taste nice, just follow the exact recipe for best results. Happy Cooking !!
Carrot Cake , Healthy Snack for Kids
 on 02 Jan 17 05:23 PM

Carrot Cake ( Baby and Toddler Recipe)
 on 17 Dec 16 09:29 AM

Hi mam, isn''t it harmful to heat honey? It is always said not to heat honey as it turns poisonous?
Tarla Dalal
21 Dec 16 11:21 AM
   Hi Poonam, Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We have retried the recipe and modified it using only jaggery along with the addition of milk to adjust the consistency.
Carrot Cake ( Baby and Toddler Recipe)
 on 17 Nov 16 06:37 PM

My toddler loved it n I loved it coz its sooo healthy for him n adults too.. thanks for sharing
Tarla Dalal
18 Nov 16 12:22 PM
   Hi Foodie , we are delighted your toddler loved the Carrot Cake recipe. Please keep posting your thoughts and feedback and review recipes you have loved. Happy Cooking.
कॅरट केक
 on 27 Jul 16 06:43 PM

Kuch mitha ho jaye...
Carrot Cake ( Baby and Toddler Recipe)
 on 18 Feb 16 11:56 PM

Yes Mam,asking for gas oven.,,is it possible to bake in that...if yes,for how much time should it be kept for baking
Tarla Dalal
19 Feb 16 04:25 PM
   hi Dia, If you using gas oven bake it on gas mark 4 for 1 hour.
Carrot Cake ( Baby and Toddler Recipe)
 on 16 Feb 16 05:20 PM

Wow it possible to bake it in oven used on gas..plz help
Tarla Dalal
17 Feb 16 11:59 AM
   Hi Dia, Do you mean a gas oven?? please let us know so we can help you in a better way...
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