Carrot Flower ( Vegetable Carvings)

Carrot Flower ( Vegetable Carvings)

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Another simple flower decoration piece for your delicious meals!

Carrot Flower ( Vegetable Carvings) recipe - How to make Carrot Flower ( Vegetable Carvings)

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     Makes 1 flower


Suitable Garnish For
a centre piece
tikki platter

What You Will Need
1 orange carrot
1 banana leaf
chopping board

  1. Peel the carrot and cut around 2” long and 1” wide rectangle. Place it vertically on a chopping board and make 4 cuts downwards till around 1 cm space is left at the bottom.
  2. Turn the carrot to make similar 4 cuts in the opposite direction to the previous cuts, immerse them in ice-cold water for 15 minutes to make it crisp.
  3. Remove 1 carrot strip from each end so as to get a good shape.
  4. Take a small piece of banana leaf and cut 5 pieces into a pentagon shape as shown, using scissors.
  5. Gently open the slits of the carrot. Arrange the banana leaf pieces and place the carrot on it.
  6. Make small v-shaped cuts on the side opposite to the tapering end of each the 5 piece.