Cheesy Bread Pakora

Cheesy Bread Pakora

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It is a tea timer snack and can be prepared and cooked while your guests are sitting

Cheesy Bread Pakora recipe - How to make Cheesy Bread Pakora

Preparation Time: 10 MIN   Cooking Time: 5 MIN   Total Time:    
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  1. Dip the cut bread slice just once in cold water and squeeze little so that it does not break
  2. On the otherside, make a paste of white flour and milk and put cheese(grated), green chilly, onions,coriander leaves, baking powder and little salt for taste.
  3. Remember that you do not require much salt as there is cheese in the recipe.
  4. Spread the paste on each slice which has come out from water
  5. Heat oil in a pan and fry the spread part facing the oil so that the hot oil will immediately bloat the paste and cook
  6. Lower the flame and cook for a min or two and turn aside
  7. Cook for a min and take out and serve with sauce or home made chutney.