Fruity Yoghurt By pghaghada

Fruity Yoghurt  By pghaghada

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A fruit flavoured yoghurt or sweetened curd recipe, fruity yoghurt is delicious. The fruity yogurt can be served as a dessert or a in between meals healthy snacking options.

Fruity Yoghurt By pghaghada recipe - How to make Fruity Yoghurt By pghaghada

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curds (dahi) made from 1 litre of whole fat milk
1 lb fresh strawberries
sugar to taste
1 mint sprig (optional)


  1. 1place newspapers in a rectangular pile on a clean surface. take a thin cotton cloth and place one half over the newspapers. lay the yoghurt out evenly on the cloth. cover the yoghurt with the other half of the cloth. place a couple of newspapers on top of the cloth. put some weight on the newspapers e.g chopping board. leave for 30min. take the ne
  2. 2 wash and hull the strawberries(keeping and puree it in a liquidiser. take care that the strawberries are left a little mushy and not liqidised into a juicey texture.add sugar to taste
  3. In a bowl put layer of yoghurt.
  4. Cover it with a layer of strawberry. follow this twice ending with a the yoghurt on the top. sprinckle the last of the strawberry sauce on to the yoghurt and decorate with the remaining strawberries cut into small pieces. put a sprig of mint in the middle. let it to cool in the fridge for 1-2hrs before serving.