Golpapdi, Microwave Golpapdi

Golpapdi, Microwave Golpapdi

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A traditional Indian sweet, made quickly and easily using the microwave oven.

The aroma and rich flavour of ghee-roasted wheat flour, sweetened with jaggery, is just too delicious to explain with words. Since it is so easy to make, you can experience it for yourself!

Before you begin making the Golpapdi in the Microwave oven, just make sure you keep all the requirements including the greased plate ready, as this sweet will be ready before you know it.

You can enjoy golpapadi as an anytime Sweet Snacks .

Golpapdi, Microwave Golpapdi recipe - How to make Golpapdi, Microwave Golpapdi

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     Makes 12 pieces
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  1. Grease a 100 mm. (4") diameter thali with ghee, sprinkle the poppy seeds evenly over it. Keep aside.
  2. Combine the ghee and whole wheat flour in a deep microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 3 minutes 30 seconds.
  3. Remove from the microwave, mix it very well. Add the jaggery and cardamom powder and mix very well.
  4. Pour the mixture into the greased thali with poppy seeds while still warm and spread it evenly.
  5. Cut into diamond shapes while still warm.
  6. Cool completely and store in an air-tight container.
Nutrient values (Abbrv) per piece
Energy86 cal
Protein0.7 g
Carbohydrates11.1 g
Fiber0.7 g
Fat4.4 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium1.1 mg


Golpapdi, Microwave Golpapdi
 on 06 Oct 18 04:19 PM

Golpapdi, Microwave Golpapdi
 on 27 Aug 17 09:50 AM

I tried the recipe and the ghee-atta mixture was completely burnt in 2 minutes. I think the mixture should be microwaved in batches of 1m30s each.
Tarla Dalal
28 Aug 17 08:48 AM
   Hi Mitali, We have tried the recipe here and it turned out perfect...Make sure you have used a deep bowl as we have used...
Golpapdi, Microwave Golpapdi
 on 23 Jun 17 02:02 PM

This is my favourite recipe . Ilove the method tou tech. .
Tarla Dalal
23 Jun 17 02:26 PM
   Thanks, we are delighted you liked the Golpapdi recipe.
Golpapdi, Microwave Golpapdi
 on 22 Feb 17 05:50 PM

it burnt within 3 minutes ! ??
Tarla Dalal
23 Jun 17 04:29 PM
   Hi, This is a tried recipe. You can keep it for 2 minutes and check.. Do try the recipe one more time and give us your feedback..
Golpapdi, Microwave Golpapdi
 on 16 Jan 17 05:49 PM

This recipe is simply amazing. One can also add chopped dry fruits when adding the jaggery. I think the quantity shown in the pictures is more as compared to the ingredient measure shown.
Tarla Dalal
17 Jan 17 08:35 AM
   Hi Taslim, The image proportions are the same as the recipe, when tried only these images have been taken.
Golpapdi, Microwave Golpapdi
 on 26 Dec 16 03:28 PM

Tarla Dalal
23 Jun 17 02:28 PM
Gol Papdi
 on 09 Dec 15 04:02 PM

Gol papadi.. made in a microwave that too so delicious.. and quick recipe.. this is really tasty.. When i feel to eat something sweet after lunch or dinner..i can think of this sweet..