Gothampu Ada

Gothampu Ada

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1. you can eat this with chutney powder / coconut chutney / sauce.
2. the credit for this recipe goes to my mother and culture course :-)

Gothampu Ada recipe - How to make Gothampu Ada


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4 glasses of plain flour (maida)
6 baby onions
2 tsp cumin seeds (jeera)
a few curry leaves (kadi patta)
4 green chillies
salt to taste
4 tbsp chopped coconut
for rolling the ada : banana leaf (kele ka patta) or a clean plastic sheet


  1. Crush baby onions, cumin seed, curry leaves,green chillies and coconut flakes together
  2. Mix the above with the atta and add salt to taste
  3. Add enough water and make dough of consistency a little bit watery than the chapathi dough
  4. Divide the dough into 10 equal parts
  5. Grease the plantain leaf or plastic sheet with a little oil
  6. Place one part of the dough in the leaf/sheet and make it a circle of about 7" diameter, using your finger tips. wet your finger tips with a little water occasionally.
  7. Heat the tawa
  8. Grease the tawa with a little oil
  9. Invert the plantain leaf/sheet by keeping it close to the tawa so that the ada falls directly to the tawa
  10. After sometime, spread a little oil on the top
  11. Make upside down
  12. Wait till done.
  13. Now, repeat the steps 5 through 12 till the dough is over