Healthy Dahi Noodles Salad

Healthy  Dahi Noodles Salad

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Instead of carrot, cabbage, cucumber you can have your own choice of vegetable.

These all vegetables are good for health and children's also will like to eat because of noodles.

Healthy Dahi Noodles Salad recipe - How to make Healthy Dahi Noodles Salad



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  1. Boil the water and then cook plain noodles for 7 minutes, put few drops of oil for preservative of sticking.
  2. Remove boiled noodles on a cotton cloth and drain.
  3. Heat oil in non stick pan and deep-fry the boiled noodles till golden brown and keep aside let it cool.
  4. Add mint, green chilli and coriender paste with little salte.
  5. Deep the fried noodles with all paste together and mix well .
  6. In a bowl arrange salad leaves horizontally
  7. Spread the noodles around the leaves.
  8. Keep some noodles aside for garnishing
  9. Put finally chopped carrot on the noodles center.
  10. Put finally chopped cabbage and kakdi both the side of carrot.
  11. Take dahi add sugar & salte as per taste and spread on the top of the salads. with chat masala.
  12. Decorate with the tomato sauce on the top of the dahi
  13. Garnish with some fired noodles and coriender.
  14. Freez for 10 minutes and serve.