Healthy Tostada Pizza

Healthy Tostada Pizza

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It ok if u don't use taco shell

Healthy Tostada Pizza recipe - How to make Healthy Tostada Pizza

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2 Pita bread
small bottle of Ranch dressing
black or regular beans
1 tomatoes cut into small pieces
1 onions cut into small pieces
1/4 lettuce
1 taco shell
processed cheese


  1. Take pita bread
  2. Spread black beans crushed and added salt and red chilli in it.
  3. Spread ranch dressing on it
  4. Put lettuce
  5. Put some onion and tomatoes on it
  6. Spread crushed cheese on it
  7. Crush some hard taco shell in hand and spread equally crushed stuff on pita bread.
  8. Relish tasty tostada pizza yummyyyyyyyyyyyy