Idli sandwiches

Idli sandwiches

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Believe me kids will love these extraodinary dish . and if u put leftover idlies in microwave for 30 seconds before making sandwiches then it will be soft. so enjoy this dish.

Idli sandwiches recipe - How to make Idli sandwiches

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4 left over IDLIES
1 chopped onion (round pieces)
1 tomato copped in round pieces
1 bowl chopped cabbage
1 chopped capsicum in round stripes
4 slices of cheese
1 bowl tomato sauce
some jalapeños
salt and pepper
some sweet cherries
4 toothpick


  1. Cut each idli in two slices
  2. Then put sauce on each slice
  3. Put some cabbage on each slice
  4. Then put onion rings on one of them
  5. Then put tomato slice on the other one then put some capsicum slices and some jalapeños on one part and put slice of cheese on other part . then put one slice on the other and press toothpick in such a manner that its end parts fits in the bottom slice and press a cherry on top of the toothpick .