Maggie Bake Dish

Maggie Bake Dish

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Note: male sure there is enough cheese in the dish to hold the noodles together, so that when serves it forms proper cubes
-the chilli paste can be prepared before hand and stored in the can be used as a spicy sauce with any rice dish by adding little bit of salt.

Maggie Bake Dish recipe - How to make Maggie Bake Dish

Preparation Time: 5-10 mts   Cooking Time: 10 mts   Total Time:    


2 packets of masala maggi noodles
grated kraft cheese (you can use any brand's cheese)
green chilli(finely chopped)-5
onion(finely chopped)-1 big
chilli/tomato sauce-3 tble spoons
chilli paste-2 tble spoons

For chilli paste:
10 cloves garlic (lehsun)
1 pc of ginger (adrak)
5 fresh red chillies


  1. Grind all ingrediats for the chilli paste and keep aside
  2. Boil maggie noodles in hot water for abt 2 mts, making sure teh noodles do not get too soft. drain and keep aside
  3. In a separate pot, heat oil.
  4. Add the onions and fry till pinkish brown.
  5. Add teh chilli paste,cook on slow fire till u get the aroma of ginger and garlic
  6. Add the chopped green chillies and cook for 1 mt
  7. Add teh maggie masala, chilli/tomato sauce and cook for 1 mt
  8. Add the boiled maggie, making sure there is no water content.mix well with teh other ingredients.
  9. Add cheese n mix for 2 mts
  10. Take a macriwable dish/baking dish,and layer it with the maggie mix.
  11. Garnish with some grated cheese and kotmir.
  12. Microwave before serving.
  13. Cut into small peices to serve