Mocktail By ami_27

Mocktail  By ami_27

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A refreshing and delicious blend of chopped pineapple, fresh orange beads, cream and any soft drink blended together, this mocktail drink is simply amazing as a summer drink or cocktail mixer recipe. Find many unique mocktail recipes at

Mocktail By ami_27 recipe - How to make Mocktail By ami_27

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1 cup chopped pineapple
1 cup fresh orange micro beads
500 ml mirinda or fanta or any orange drink
300 gms vanilla ice-cream
150 gms fresh cream
10 ice-cubes


  1. Mince the pinnaple in very very small crunch as if it is crushed but not crushed and then soak them for 10-15 minutes in little sugar added water.
  2. Meanwhile, take fresh orange pieces and seperate it into granules.
  3. Then take cream and sweeten it with icing sugar or any crushed sugar.
  4. Once pinnaple is ready, take one 500 ml. orange drink put pinnaple pieces, ice cubes and vanilla ice-cream in it and blend it together. if u want lesser sweet use little soda and lessen ornage drink.
  5. In fresh cream mix ornage granules and make it ready for the topping.
  6. Now pour the blend in 3 glasses equally and then put the fresh cream with orange on the top of it.
  7. Ur delicios and fruity drink is ready to lure all.