Orange Squash By nehanilesh

Orange Squash  By nehanilesh

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A refreshing summer drink, Orange squash is a favorite among children. The concentrated orange flavors in the squash served with chilled water is sure to reenergize you on a hot sultry day.

Orange Squash By nehanilesh recipe - How to make Orange Squash By nehanilesh

Preparation Time: 15 Mins.   Cooking Time: 30 - 50 Mins.   Total Time:    
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1 ltr orange juice
1 kg sugar
1/2 tsp orange colour
1 lemon
1 1/2 potassium meta bi sulphate


  1. Take a pan and pour sugar, now add the water till the level of the sugar and let it boil.
  2. Keep on stirring in between when the sugar water is boiling. now take the lemon juice and pour in sugar syrup. (the reason for this to do is to take the dirt out that comes of from the sugar syrup once the lemon juice is added.)
  3. Now filter the whole syrup into antoher pan and let it cool down. then add orange colour, orange juice, and take 2tsp of pottasium metabolisulphate with water.
  4. Mix well and in surgar solution. fill in the large bottle and freeze in fridge.
  5. While serving take 1/2 glass of orange squash and 1/2 glass of water and serve.