Pepper rasam

Pepper rasam

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It is very soothing for sore throat cold and should be served piping hot!!

Pepper rasam recipe - How to make Pepper rasam

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1 teaspoon cummin seeds
i teaspoon whole black pepper corns
littel hing
cooked dhal one cup
turmaric pinch
salt to taste
few curry leaves (kadi patta)
coriender leaves one tabel spoon
cooked tomato puree one cup
tamarind juice very littel
sugar to taste
ghee one teaspoon
mustard seeds half teaspoon, chopped garlic for tadka.


  1. Boil the dhal well, add the tomato juice and churn it well add more water so that you can drink this or mix it with rice.
  2. Fry pepper , jeera,and hing with
  3. Littel ghee and make a coarse powder add curry leaves , coriender, sugar ,salt pepper and jeera powder.boil it well and give tadka with ghee adding mustardseeds and chopped garlic


Pepper rasam
 on 16 Feb 11 05:41 PM