Pinwheel Chocolate

Pinwheel Chocolate

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You can also decorate it with dessicated coconut.

Pinwheel Chocolate recipe - How to make Pinwheel Chocolate

Preparation Time: 35 MIN   Cooking Time: 30 MIN   Total Time:    
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1 big pack of marie biscuits
1/2 tin of condensed milk
dessicated coconut
200 gms cocoa powder
silver paper and silver foil
tutti-frutti for decoration


  1. First of all grind the bisuits in a mixer coarsely.
  2. Now mix this coarse biscuit powder with cocoa powder well.
  3. Add milkmaid and start kneading the above mixture till is comes to the consistency of chapati dough and make some round balls.(not very soft and not very hard - medium consistency.)
  4. In another vessel mix the decigrated coconut with the remaining milkmaid and mix it to form douch not very soft and not hard and make equal quantity of round balls as of the chocolate and biscuit roll.
  5. Now both the dough are ready.
  6. Now spread a plastic sheet and in the roti belan keep this plastic sheet and first keep a round of chocolate and biscuit dough and spread it in a round manner just like the way we do a chapatti.
  7. Then above this keep one round ball of desigrated coconut and start spreading it evenly to cover the chocolate.
  8. continue this series till both the douch is over.
  9. Now start rolling it tightly and you can see lovely alternate layers of white an dbrown.
  10. Now stick teh silver paper and spread evenly and put the tutti fruttis above it.
  11. Now cover it in a silver foil and refrigerate it for maximum 3hrs till it becomes hard.
  12. Now after three housr remove it and remove from silver foil and cut it nicely.
  13. Arrange it in a plate it looks lovely with brown and white shades, put some tutti frutti above for decoration.
  14. Ready to serve and empty the plate.