Quadruple Fritter Sandwich

Quadruple Fritter Sandwich

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1)within the same preparation time number of sandwiches can be increased just by increasing all the ingredients in the same proportion
2)if maida is not feasible then add water to the yogurt to make it thin and use it .

Quadruple Fritter Sandwich recipe - How to make Quadruple Fritter Sandwich

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For preparation of yogurt

    For preparation of yogurt
  1. Take a clean cotton cloth and tie the yogurt in it and leave it hanged for at least 5 to 7 minutes or you can squeeze it with your hand to drain all the water ,so that thick creamy yogurt is left .

For prepartion of chutney

    For prepartion of chutney
  1. Put the coriander , cumin , tamarind paste , cashew nuts and salt in a mixer to grind it well to a chutney .

For rest of the filling

    For rest of the filling
  1. Mix potatoes ,onions , french beans ,peas,black pepper , lemon juice ,salt ,rasam powder in a bowl
  2. Cut each bread into 4 equal slices (rectangles )
  3. Take one piece of bread and spread a thick layer of yogurt over it , cover it with another piece and put the potato the potato filling over it , cover it with another piece and spread thick layer of green chutney over it . finally cover it with the fourth piece .
  4. Similarly prepare all the 4 sandwiches.
  5. Heat oil in a deep frying pan .
  6. By the time oil gets heated add a little water to the maida in a bowl so that it makes a thin solution .
  7. Take the suji in a full plate .
  8. When the oil gets heated properly , simmer the flame and wait for 3-4 minutes now dip the sandwiches in maida solution and roll them over suji so that they are properly covered from all sides .
  9. Fry them till they are golden brown .
  10. Serve hot with sweet chutney spread over the sandwiches .