Rose Pattel Sharbat

Rose Pattel Sharbat

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1. do not throw ,pettel waste in sieve ,add sugar ,make jam
2.bottels should remain boiling till botteled

Rose Pattel Sharbat recipe - How to make Rose Pattel Sharbat

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freshrose pattels of 30 desi scented rose
1 kg sugar
1 cup rose water
1/2 tsp rose colour
tip of tsp sodium benzoit


  1. Clean rose pattels ,grind in mixy ,smooth paste essential
  2. Put sugar in vessel ,cover with water ,1\2" above sugar level
  3. Boil ,clean froth of sugar ,add little milk ,it will clean sugar well.
  4. Add rose pattel paste ,boil ,till syrup is sticky but does not form thread
  5. Close fire ,sieve,addrosewater ,color ,sodium benzoitdiluted in hot syrup
  6. Bottel immediately ,in boiling bottles cap tightly ,do not fill bottels full ,keeo 2" space empty.