Smashing Nunggu (tadgola)

Smashing Nunggu (tadgola)

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A delicious and sweet blend of nunggu (tadgola), sugar, rose syrup and crushed ice. A wonderful summer drink.

Smashing Nunggu (tadgola) recipe - How to make Smashing Nunggu (tadgola)



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  1. Nunguu in tamil, tadgola in gujarati are fruits of palm trees.
  2. They are soft, juicy grey-whitish,slimmy sweet and cool fruit covered with a cream cover that tastes bitter. this is found in groups of three inside palm fruits. usually available in summer.
  3. Clean the nunggus or tadgolas off the cream cover.
  4. Mix all in a blender till the fruits are half crushed.
  5. In tall cokctail glasses add crushed ice till 3/4ths and add the mixed and blended mixture.
  6. Garnish with lemon slice or mint leaves.