Stuffed Chilli Bhajia

Stuffed Chilli Bhajia

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Stuffed chilli bhajia is a deeply fried crispy snack recipe with long green chillies stuffed with a spicy mixture and then deep fried. The stuffing is prepared by mixing together garlic, coriander leaves, green chillies and jeera powder. The chillies are stuffed, coated with gramflour or besan and then deep fried in hot oil and served with tomato sauce.

Stuffed Chilli Bhajia recipe - How to make Stuffed Chilli Bhajia

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  1. First, it is essential that you buy the freshest possible green chilies.
  2. Choose the ones which are broad, long and have a strong stem.
  3. Heat water to a rolling boil, along with one teaspoon of salt.
  4. Now, add the clean green chilies to the hot water, stir and let stay for one minute.
  5. Remove the green chilies and drain on a paper towel. discard the water.
  6. Mix the ingredients of set 2 and grind in a blender until smooth.
  7. The consistency should be that of very thick yogurt. it should not be of dripping consistency! this is the stuffing.
  8. Make a slit, lengthwise, along three fourth of the chili''''s length.
  9. Remove any seeds and then stuff the stuffing in the chili.
  10. Repeat this for the remaining chilies.
  11. Mix well the flour from set 1, baking soda, salt, yogurt and a little water.
  12. The consistency is that of thick, beaten yogurt. this is the batter.
  13. Heat oil in a skillet, dip the chilies in the batter and drop gently in the oil.
  14. Deep fry the chilies, occasionally turning, until they are golden yellow in color. repeat for all the chilies. serve warm.