Tangy Macaroni Sandwich

Tangy Macaroni Sandwich

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pack the mouthwatering Tangy macaroni sandwich in your kid's tiffin and it is sure to return empty. An excellent sandwich recipe with a tangy macaroni mixture as filling, the sandwich is a quick and easy to prepare recipe.

Tangy Macaroni Sandwich recipe - How to make Tangy Macaroni Sandwich

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes   Cooking Time: 15 Minutes   Total Time:    
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  1. In a pan saute the chopped tomatoes and onion adding very little water until cooked.
  2. Add macaroni,chopped herbs,salt & pepper.
  3. Saute together.
  4. Place a small protion of the filling in between the wheat bread slices.
  5. Grill in a sandwich maker.
  6. Pack the mouthwatering sandwich in foil and pack your little one of to school.
  7. You can be rest assured as this has a wet filling it is simply yummy to have a bite at lunchtime.
  8. Cover with a lid for a minute.
  9. Remove from heat add the fresh cream.
  10. Toss and your nutritious sandwich filling is ready in a jiffy.