Tiranga Sandwich By setseeani

Tiranga Sandwich  By setseeani

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This is a health recipe . as children do not eat vegetable this is a rich source of minerals and vitamins with the taste of children.

Tiranga Sandwich By setseeani recipe - How to make Tiranga Sandwich By setseeani

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  1. Cut the sides of the bread and then cut into half in triangular shape.
  2. Sauce mixture
  3. Mix mayonnesse and tomato sauce and salt in a bowl.
  4. Now take 1 triangular slice, apply a very thin layer ot sauce mixture. now add mashed peas layer on it and put another triagular bread piece on top of it. again put the thin layer of sauce mixture and add cheese slices or chopped egg and again put the triangulat bread slice and add a thin layer or saucwe mixture on it.and add grated carrots on it.
  5. Serve this with sauce and potato waffers to children.