Tomato Nuvvula Chutney

Tomato Nuvvula Chutney

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Tomato nuvvula chutney is a delicious accompaniment to hot rice and is prepared from a mix of sesame seeds with red chillies, tomatoes, tamarind and garlic.

Tomato Nuvvula Chutney recipe - How to make Tomato Nuvvula Chutney

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  1. Dry fry sesame seeds with red chillies until light brown and make a fine powder in mixer.
  2. In a pan with little oil cut tomatoes and put tamrind and fry them until all the water evaporates and is cooked.
  3. In another pan add all the seasoning with mustard seeds first in 2 tsps oil and keep aside.
  4. Mix the fine sesame powder and fried tomatoes and put in the blender along with salt until chutney is mixed well and depending upon the coarsness you require.
  5. Now put the seasoning and mix for a second or two until the seasoning appears in the chutney.
  6. The delicious chutney is ready to be served with hot rice.