Tri-coloured Dessert

Tri-coloured Dessert

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You can use any seasonal fruits.

Tri-coloured Dessert recipe - How to make Tri-coloured Dessert

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1/2 cup left over cake(roughly crushed)
2 tbsp fruit juice( of any seasonal fruit)
1 scoop orange ice-cream
1 scoop kiwi ice cream
1 scoop strawberry ice-cream
2 tbsp chopped mixed fruits (seasonal)
2 canned cherries for decoration
1 potato waffer


  1. Take one tall glass.
  2. Put crushed cake in it.
  3. Pour fruit juice over it.
  4. Now put 1-1 scoop of each ice-cream.
  5. Put chopped fruits over it.
  6. Decorate it with tinned cherries.
  7. Serve with a wafer.