Vegetable Vada By devi.m

Vegetable Vada  By devi.m

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Devour the crispy and deep fried Vegetable vada as evening snack with green or coconut chutney. The lentils like chana and moong dal are mixed with grated carrots, freshly chopped spinach leaves and pudina and then made into small puris which are fried in hot oil.

Vegetable Vada By devi.m recipe - How to make Vegetable Vada By devi.m


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  1. Drain two daals&grindthem coarsely,adding with very little quanty of water.
  2. Add all other ingredients to this tight daal dough,mix well.
  3. Heat oil& make small size poris on awet cloth or plastic paper and deep fry them to a golden brown colour.the upper side should be crispy.serve hot with coconut chutney.
  4. Coconutchutney:½coconut(medium)part.
  5. Greenchillies-5
  6. Milk-1cup
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Coriander leaves-½cup chopped
  9. tempering:musterds,red dry chilli(broken)-3pieces
  10. Channa dal(split),curryleaves-1twig
  11. Method:remove the black part of the coconut½.
  12. Cut in to small pieces&grind it along with other ingredients to a fine paste.add some water if necessary.
  13. Tempering in 1tbsp oil and add to the chutney.