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 9 Interesting Recipes to Cook Using Beetroot

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9 Interesting Recipes to cook using Beetroot

This article shows you 9 different way to use beetrrots in Indian food. You can use them 9 different ways. 1. Salads 2. Starters 3. Pancakes 4. Rice 5. Indian Dessert 6. Dips 7. Soup 8. Drinks 9. Puris.  Clearly, its such a versatile and healthy ingredient. 

Sweet and tasty, beetroot is a treasure trove of nutrients too. Normally, red and orange coloured vegetables are considered to be excellent sources of Antioxidants, and beetroot is no different. It has an important colour pigment called betalain, which has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and fungicidal properties. It also aids in detoxification, and helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. Beetroot removes toxins and excess water from the body, keeping your skin tight and glowing.This wonder vegetable has yet another surprise in store. Despite being nice and sweet, beetroot is high in fibre and low in calories. Its soluble fibres help the body fight against fat, making it an excellent tool for weight loss.

There are many tasty ways in which you can include this great vegetable in your diet. Its pretty colour and pleasant taste make it a superb addition to juices, smoothies and salads , while its potato-like texture when cooked makes it a viable ingredient for subzis and even the stuffing for masala dosas ! When cooking it, however, it is advisable to cook it with its skin on to retain all the nutrients. You can peel and mash it later, just like you handle potatoes.

This article shows you some interesting ways to cook beetroots...

Recipes To Cook Using Beetroot

A beautiful subzi for valuable good health, Beetroot Tikkis in Spinach Gravy features a colourful and thoughtful combination of ingredients. Beetroot and carrot together with tangy spices gives rise to a lip-smacking tikki that goes just too well with the garlic-flavoured spinach gravy. Beetroot being a storehouse of antioxidants helps iron in doing its activities, while the use of oats as a binding agent instead of potatoes or cornflour makes the recipe fibre-rich too.
Two unusual ingredients, beetroot and dill, complement each other in this salad. Sprouted methi seeds add to the vitamin c, b complex, iron and calcium content and help keep the heart healthy.
Rice and urad dal is a perfect formula, whether in the form of idli, dosa or upma, as the duo gives a perfect combination of energy and protein needed for a busy day. These Mini Beetroot Pancakes are all the more wondrous because they pack in more protein from soya flour, vitamins from beetroot and iron from til. Even kids who do not like beetroot will surely indulge in these pancakes as they are colourful and yummy!
The Beetroot Puri is an attractive snack with a fabulous flavour and beautiful colour. The dough of whole wheat flour and beetroot puree has a pleasantly sweet flavour, which is complemented by spice powders that add shades of spice while also highlighting the sweetness at the same time. Take care not to add water while making the dough because the beetroot puree is enough to bind the flour together into a stiff dough. If the dough gets soggy, then the puris will get oily. Serve Beetroot Puri as a snack with some pickle and chutney or as a meal with a subzi or curry of your choice.
A nice, bright pink rice that is sure to attract your kids, the Beetroot Rice is an attractive preparation of rice and grated beetroot perked up with assorted spices. Onions add flavour and crunch to this sumptuous dish, which is quick and easy to prepare in the morning. Ensure that the Beetroot Rice is completely cool before you pack it in the box. Sipping Mint Chaas along with the Beetroot Rice is sure to satiate your kids taste buds and tummy! So do pack some in a thermos flask. Check out our collection of many more amazing tiffin box recipes like Rice and Moong Dal Idli, Pasta in Tomato Sauce, Stuffed Hot Dog Rolls, Broccoli Paratha and many more. See detailed step by step photos and video of Beetroot Rice (Beetroot Pulao) recipe below.
We would all have tried carrot, bottle gourd or beetroot halwas sometime or the other. Let’s make something all the more special now, by combining all these together into one wonderful, colourful treat. With a nice orange-pink hue, a fantastic grainy texture and a mind-blowing flavour, this Bottle Gourd, Carrot and Beetroot Halwa is a fantabulous treat that is guaranteed to delight one and all. A good dose of mawa helps to bind the halwa together and also gives it a luxurious mouth-feel. This sweet treat is also quite easy to prepare in the microwave oven, so pamper yourself right away! For a variety of quick sweet treats check out all our Microwave Dessert recipes.
We have heard repeatedly that flaxseeds are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and are an essential food especially for vegetarians. But, many of us are at a loss of interesting ways to include it in our diet. While we do attempt to include it in mukhwas, raita, etc., here we present a very innovative way to consume this fibre, calcium and Omega-3 fatty acid rich seed in the form of crunchy herbed crackers. Serve it with the minty beetroot dip to enhance the flavour and health quotient.
This soup is sure to win your heart with its lovely colour, irresistible creaminess and zesty flavour. In fact, the Garlicky This soup is sure to win your heart with its lovely colour, irresistible creaminess and zesty flavour. In fact, the Garlicky Beetroot Soup, despite not using potatoes or cream, is much creamier than you would expect, thanks to the addition of wheat flour. Healthful garlic is a surprise addition to this soup, but blends beautifully with dainty beetroot, which is another interesting reservoir of nutrients. Beetroot helps improves your looks, with better complexion and hair. Betacyanin, the antioxidant in beetroot helps to reduce the cholesterol levels and protect the heart too.
While you are sure to have tried Juices combining fruits and vegetables, this unique blend of beetroot and fruits with soda is something unique! Beetroot gives not only an appealing colour but also a pleasant texture to the drink, while pineapple and apple lend tang and sweetness respectively. Black salt and chaat masala lend a spicy touch to this drink, which is finally fizzed up with Sprite. Mix gently after adding the soda so that it doesn’t bubble up and spill over. Serve the Fruity Beetroot Soda absolutely cold.


9 Interesting Recipes to Cook Using Beetroot
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Wonderful information about the beetroot and it''s nutrition value. I will definitely inform my wife to include beetroot in our family meals everyday Vai Salad, tikki''s, soup, snacks, sweet etc. Thanks for providing this valuable information.