Cabbage Roll By swatijoshi

Cabbage Roll  By swatijoshi

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Cabbage Rolls are a an interesting vegetable recipe .The crunchy cabbage leaves are filled with stir fried mixed veggies with tomato sauce.

Cabbage Roll By swatijoshi recipe - How to make Cabbage Roll By swatijoshi

Preparation Time: 15 Mins.   Cooking Time: 20 Mins.   Total Time:     10

Rolls :

    Rolls :
  1. Blanch cabbage leaves in water for five minutes till they turn soft.
  2. Simultaniously mix 100 gms. of washed uncoocked rice with 200 gms. of kheema.
  3. Add to this cinemon and coriender powder and salt.
  4. Take cabbage leaves and make small rolls of cabbage leaves by stuffing this mixture.
  5. Arrange them in big pot tightly. cover with dish.
  6. Add water upto the dish.
  7. Cover with lid and cook till rice done.

Sauce :

    Sauce :
  1. Add salt and garlic paste in curd and mix well.


  1. Take cabbage rolls in dish and pour sauce.