Nutritional Facts of Quick Rava Idli ( Tiffin Treats)

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Quick Rava Idli ( Tiffin Treats)

How many calories does one Quick Rava Idli have?

One Quick Rava Idli gives 45 calories. Out of which carbohydrates comprise 30 calories, proteins account for 5 calories and remaining calories come from fat which is 9 calories.  One Quick Rava Idli provides about 2 percent of the total daily calorie requirement of a standard adult diet of 2,000 calories.

See Quick Rava Idli recipe. With its brilliant flavour and nice, flaky texture, Rava Idli is something like upma in idli form, so you get the best of both worlds. Since it is steamed, it is easier to digest than upma, has a convenient form factor for serving as well as packing, and stays soft and humid for longer.

Is Quick Rava Idli healthy?

No, this is not healthy. Made from rava, curd, ghee, cashew nuts and spices.

Let's understand the Ingredients.

What's good.

Curd + Low fat Curds :  Curds help in digestion as it has very good bacteria. Probiotics in curds acts as a mild laxative but, in case of diarrhoea and dysentery, it is a boon, if curd is used with rice.They help in weight reduction, good for your heart and build immunity. The only difference between curds and low fat curds is the fat level. Read the benefits of curds to include in your daily diet. 

Cashew Nuts : In general, walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachios and pine nuts are a healthy snack to carry keep with you as they are rich in monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats and good for heart. They are a healthy snack for Diabetics. Dietary intakes of cashew and other foods rich in magnesium helps to regulate blood pressure. See 9 amazing benefits of cashew nuts for complete details. 

What's the problem?

Rava (semolina, sooji) :  What's good? Semolina is a fairly good source of Magnesium and phosphorus which is necessary to keep our nervous system healthy and working. What's the issue? Fibre is one key nutrient for weight loss and semolina is devoid of it. Semolina is not suitable for diabetics. For details read is sooji healthy?

Can diabetics, heart patients and over weight individuals have Quick Rava Idli  ?

No, this is not healthy. Fibre is one key nutrient for weight loss and semolina is devoid of it. Semolina is not suitable for diabetics, weight loss and cardiac.

Can healthy individuals have Quick Rava Idli ?

No, this is not healthy. If you still must have it, then add some fibre to your meal at the same time. 

What is a healthier option to Quick Rava Idli?

See the healthiest idli options like dal and vegetable idli recipe, moong sprouts and palak idli recipegreen moong dal and vegetable idli recipe or barley idli which has no rice. Serve it with a healthy sambar or coconut chutney

Dal and Vegetable Idli
Dal and Vegetable Idli

How to burn 45 calories that come from Quick Rava Idli?

Walking (6 kmph) = 14 mins

Running (11 kmph) = 5 mins

Cycling (30 kmph) = 6 mins       

Swimming (2 kmph) = 8 mins

Note: These values are approximate and calorie burning differs in each individual.

Value per per idli% Daily Values
Energy45 cal2%
Protein1.3 g2%
Carbohydrates7.4 g2%
Fiber0.1 g0%
Fat1 g2%
Cholesterol0.5 mg0%
Vitamin A24.4 mcg1%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)0 mg0%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0 mg0%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)0.2 mg2%
Vitamin C0.7 mg2%
Vitamin E0 mg0%
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)7.9 mcg4%
Calcium9.6 mg2%
Iron0.2 mg1%
Magnesium8.2 mg2%
Phosphorus17.7 mg3%
Sodium2.9 mg0%
Potassium16.7 mg0%
Zinc0.1 mg1%
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
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