Coconut Milk Pulav

Garnish with the fried cashew nuts and chopped coriander leaves.
serve with raita.

Coconut Milk Pulav

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Coconut Milk Pulav recipe - How to make Coconut Milk Pulav



Preparation Time: 10 Minutes   Cooking Time: 20 Minutes   Total Time:     4
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  1. Wash, soak rice for 15 minutes and drain. set aside.
  2. Heat ghee, butter or oil in a wide frypan and fry the cashewnuts until golden.
  3. Remove the cashew nuts and set on a paper towel.
  4. To the pan, add the condiments and after 1 minute, add sliced onion and chillies.
  5. Saute until onions are translucent and are just begining to turn golden.
  6. Add the ginger-garlic paste and chopped tomato and cook for 5 minutes until the moisture from the tomato is dry.
  7. Add the chopped mint and coriander and after they just with, add the drained rice and mix well.
  8. Once the moisture from the rice has evaporated (it takes about 5 minutes), take off from heat.