almond butter cookies

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Also Known as
Butter Badam Cookies, Almond Butter Biscuit

Description of almond butter cookies
Made of almond paste and butter, these cookies really melt in the mouth! While they are perfectly enjoyable all by themselves, Almond butter cookies also lend a mild yet flavourful hand to various desserts.

How to Select almond butter cookies
• Several brands of Almond Butter Cookies are available in the market. One reliable brand is Wheatman (Samay Foods Pvt Ltd).
• Before purchasing, check the manufacturing as well as the expiry dates, to ensure the freshness of the cookies.
• Also ensure that the packet is perfectly sealed, without any holes.

Culinary Uses of almond butter cookies
• These delicious almond cookies taste fantastic with a piping cup of hot chocolate or coffee.
• You could also make a sandwich by spreading jam or chocolate spread between two cookies.

How to Store almond butter cookies
• Always consume the cookies before the expiry date.
• Once opened, store the cookies in an airtight container to avoid loss of crispness.
• Consume within a week after you open the packet.

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