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Bhakarwadi is a an indian snack also called farsan. It is a little spicy because of the use of indian spices. Brown in colour crispy fried roll with a spicy filling. it is a spiral of light brown and dark brown colour.
It is a traditional maharashtrian snack and spicy. Can be stored in jars and had with tea as a teatime snack It requires lot of effort to make, so generally is bought from stores.

How to Select
Check the expiry date before purchasing it. make sure there is no oil that has oozed out bhakarwadi on the packing material as that tends to give out an off flavour of oil. check by holding it in your hand, you should feel the crispness of the bhakarwadi. It should also not be crumbly or broken into pieces.

Culinary uses
It is a snack had at tea time
Can be used to make bhakadwadi chaat

How to store
Store it in an air-tight container at room temperature.

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