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Also Known As

Brun, Broon, Kadak Pao, Kadak Pav

Brun Bread is crusty, round-shaped bread with a very soft, spongy centre. The reason it is different from the regular NaramPao (soft pao) is that it is steam baked. It is a very affordable snack that is common on the Mumbai roadside food scene. It is slit and spread with butter and jam, sliced into half and then served.

Brun bread is made using flour, warm water, active dry yeast, sugar, salt and peanut oil. The dough when proved is shaped and baked at 190 degrees Celsius for around 10 minutes. Ensure that you place a deep tray filled with water at the base of the oven. Steam baking will give brun bread the golden colour and crust. If baking is not proper, it will have the crust of a regular NaramPao. Once baked, transfer to a bread basket; because if you keep it in the baking tray for too long, it will sweat.

How to select
• Look for a round shape and brown crust.
• It should be soft to touch when held.
• Ensure they are freshly baked when purchasing from a bakery.

Culinary Uses
• It is a perfect snack to have along with a hot cup of tea.
• Traditionally, it is buttered and optionally spread with jam or marmalade.
• Since it is crusty, it goes well with soups, stews and gravies.

How to store
• They are best consumed fresh.
• However, if in excess, pack in plastic film and refrigerate; use within 24 hours.

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