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Butter biscuits are sweetened biscuits made with a basic mixture of refined flour, powdered sugar and fat (preferably clarified butter or ghee). They may be flavoured with cardamom powder, and are shaped into small rounds and baked till crisp and pale brown in colour. They are available in all bakeries.

How to select
• To make butter biscuits at home, combine equal quantities of refined flour, clarified butter and powdered sugar. Add a pinch of cardamom powder, mix well and use very little milk or water to make a semi-soft dough. Shape into small balls and bake in a pre-heated oven at 150 - 180 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 to 20 minutes. Cool and store.
• If buying from a supermarket or bakery, ensure that the biscuits are fresh. Check the manufacturing and expiry dates and package condition before purchasing.

Culinary Uses
• Because of its rich butter content, these biscuits are a favourite amongst kids.
• They can be enriched with various flavourings, nuts and dry fruits like cashews, almonds, tutti-frutti etc.
• You can crush and combine butter biscuits with a little butter and use as a base for cheesecakes and instant pies.
• Finely-powdered butter biscuits can be used to thicken kheer etc

How to store
• Always store in airtight containers away from humidity and moisture.
• Since there is a high amount of butter, there are chances of the biscuits going rancid if not stored properly.

Health Benefits
• Since ghee has less fat than butter, it is easier to digest.
• Full of carbohydrates, butter biscuits are a good source of energy, especially for growing children.
• Elders and health-conscious need to be aware of the fat content.

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