canned cherries

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Also known as
Tinned cherries

Canned Cherries are red, tart, pitted cherries packed in water or sugar solution. They are softer and sweeter in taste; colour may vary from the fresh ones as are cooked.

Chopped canned cherries
To chop the canned cherries, drain the cherries from the syrup, pat dry using kitchen towel and place them on chopping board. Cut each cherry into 4 pieces using sharp knife or into even smaller pieces as per the recipe requirement.

How to select
Choose undented cans that exhibit no bulging. Check the label for its contents, date of manufacturing and expiry date. Always check the lid, if opened or chipped avoid buying.

Culinary Uses
· Add canned cherries to a mixed fruit salad or gelatin.
· Make pie filling, flavoured yoghurt, jellies, jams, sauces and fruit drinks.
· Use for garnishing desserts, cakes, ice cream and candies.

How to store
Canned cherries should be stored unopened in a cool, dry place off the floor. Opened cherries should be transferred to a covered container, refrigerated and used within 2 to 4 days.

Health Benefits
· Contains antioxidants (anthocyanin) hence good for heart and fights free radicals.
· It is a high source of vitamin C, an immune boosting vitamin that fights infection and makes the skin shinier and healthier.