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Also known as

Chunda/Chundo is a traditional pickle made in Gujarat, combining the sourness of raw mango, the sweetness of jaggery or sugar and the spiciness of chilli powder. It tastes great with theplas and parathas too. Spicy chundas are essentially of two kinds - cumin seedor asafoetida flavoured. Sweet chundas can be flavoured simply with saffron and cardamom or may also include pieces of mixed dry fruits to make a dry fruit chunda. Whatever the flavouring, the basic process of making chunda remains the same. The traditional preparation of chunda is time-consuming, since it relies on the sun’s heat to dissolve and thicken the sugar till the pickle reaches a clear syrupy consistency and the mango shreds are translucent. Each day it is given a good stir, covered and placed in a sunny spot, then brought indoors at dusk. The sun makes the sugar in it melt to a syrupy consistency and the grated mango turns transparent! Chunda can also be made in other, faster ways.

How to select
Chundas are easily available in the market under different brand names. Just check for the expiry dates and seal of the pack.

Culinary uses
Chunda is a pickle, which is commonly served with theplas in Gujarat.

How to store
Chunda is best stored in a glass bottle at room temperature. This should not be refrigerated as the sugar syrup may crystallise.

Health benefits
Mango chunda is rich in vitamins like B1, B2, C etc.
The turmeric added to this pickle contributes antiseptic benefits.