coloured aniseed sweets

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Also Known as
Variyali chocolate

Pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, well these are mouth watering coloured aniseed sweets. It is loved by both kids and adults. These are usually made by making different coloured sugar solutions, in which aniseeds are dipped and then dried and stored. It's a type of boiled sweet having an aniseed flavour and are coloured.

How to Select
It is available in all food shops, grocery shop.

Culinary Uses
· Its colour and taste appeal makes it more interesting and tempting, hence used widely for children food.
· It is also, used to garnish cakes and custards.

How to Store
It is best stored in an air tight container. Ensure that there is no moisture in it, as it may loose colour and get sticky.

Health Benefits
· It is the best mouth freshner after meals.
· With aniseed inside, it is good for digestion too.

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