custard apple pulp

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Also Known As

Sitaphal pulp, Sitapal pulp, Seetaphal pulp.


The fruit of a small deciduous or semi evergreen tree, this native to the tropics is gaining importance in South East Asia, Africa, India etc. The fruits are usually heart shaped or oblong and maybe that is why they are also called Bull's Heart. The fruits are picked before they are ripe. When ripe, the fruit is yellow or brown. The flesh is white and creamy with a sugary taste. The flavor is sweet and pleasant and grainy to mouth feel.
The seeds are black in colour with a shine. The seeds are not consumed.

To make custard apple pulp, cut the fruit into halves and place on a soup sieve. Crush using your hand or a spoon to get fine pulp. Discard the seeds.

How to select

Ensure that the fruit is ripe to make pulp. There are various varieties and thus you will find them with bright red flesh, purplish red flesh or pinkish flesh. Pulp is also readily available in select food stores. Check the packaging details before purchasing to determine freshness.

Culinary Uses

· Use custard apple pulp as baby food for your infant.
· Custard apple pulp is used in flavouring mousses, fruit souffles and compotes etc.
· Combine custard apple pulp with chilled milk for a late afternoon refresher drink.
· Use to make syrups, squashes, jams and marmalades along with other fruits.
· Add the pulp in cake fillings and pastries.
· Use as a base to make fruit sauces which will go well with grills, barbecues, roasts etc.

How to store

It is best stored in a zip lock bags under refrigerated conditions. However, you can make custard apple pulp, place in zip lock bags and store in the deep freezer.

Health Benefits

· The fruit from which the pulp is derived is rich in minerals like iron, phosphorous, calcium and riboflavin.
· The fruit from which the pulp is derived serves as an stimulant, coolant, and is useful in treating anemia.

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