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Derived from Drumstick, the leaves of the tree are small and round, green in colour. They are used in South Indian cuisine.

How to select

Always choose fresh and unwilted leaves. Check if there is sign of discolouration or yellowing. Ensure there are no black spots on it.

Culinary Uses

· Drumstick leaves are used in dals, kormas and sambhars.
· They are often fried with eggs.
· They are added to variety of curry dishes by mixing with coconut, poppy seeds, and mustard.
· Tender drumstick leaves, finely chopped, make an excellent garnish for any vegetable dishes, dals, sambars, salads.
· They are also added to chicken dishes.

How to store

Always store leaves in loose damp cloth to keep them fresh. They can be refrigerated for upto 4-5 days.

Health Benefits

· Drumstick leaves cure mouth ulcers.
· It can also cure breathing disorders and hiccoughs.
· Drumstick leaf water can be used to clean wounds as it has anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties.
· Drumstick leaves are used to cure infections of throat and stomachs.

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