golden delicious apples

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Also Known As

Yellow Apples, West Verginia Apples, seb, safarchand.


Golden Delicious Apples are a type of apple with yellow colored skin. These are the sweetest of all varieties and are eaten raw as well as used as cooking apples. These are large, round, showing small brownish black spots spread all over the skin. These are generally harvested starting from autumn throughout the winter.

How to Select

Select the fresh, hard, firm textured with prominent lemon yellow colored skin, which may have small blackish spots spread over. Avoid the ones which appear wilted, or have cuts and blemishes. There are chances that while distribution, apples may have been pressed against each other or the container, when in bulk. So discard the pressed or the spotted apples. Yellow Apple is not really common and are costlier comparatively. Hence it may be available only in selected fruit markets or supermarkets. The most common one available is the Golden Delicious Apple.

Culinary Uses

· Golden Delicious Apples may be eaten raw, without adding any thing.
· These are best used in salads to give a variety to color and flavor of a mix fruit salad.
· It is also used widely in preparing Apple Sauce and puddings due to its sweetness.
· These apples can be chopped and added in mix fruit juices to give a wholesome blend of colorful mix fruit juice or fruit cocktail.
· They can be sliced thin and spread over apple pudding, or apple cake , as dressing, just to give a loud to the recipe.
· Yellow apples can be cored and stuffed with various fillings or may be used as a topping to decorate any dish.

How to Store

Golden Delicious Apples are prone to bruising and shriveling, so it needs careful handling and storage. These must be stored under refrigeration at relative humidity of 80-90%. They have the tendency to absorb odors, so mind the other food stuffs kept along with. Apples can be washed thoroughly and placed in perforated net bags, or zip lock bags and then refrigerated. They stay fresh for a week at least. If you want to store a cut apple, just mix in a little lime or orange juice to avoid browning reaction due to oxidation. Storage has little or no effect on photochemical, but processing apples greatly affect its photochemical nature.

Health Benefits

Yellow Apple is one of the delicious and enjoyed fruits due to its sweetness, and it shows great health benefits.
· These are rich in photochemical and researches prove that daily consumption of apple helps fight chronic diseases.
· Its peel consists of dietary fiber, mainly insoluble fiber, which helps in reducing weight.
· Due to presence of flavonoids, apple helps fight Cancer, especially Lung Cancer.
· People consuming good amounts of cooking apple have lower chances of thrombotic stroke attacks and decreased cerebro vascular disease. It also improves cardiovascular function.
· Due to the presence of the compound quercitin, a major component in Apple peels, it helps to lower the sugar levels and manage type 2 diabetes mellitus. It also helps to fight Prostrate cancer.
· Apple is said to decrease bronchial hypersensitivity and improve pulmonary function, thus helps to treat Asthma.
· It also helps in preventing age related problems like loss of memory. Thus one can be more alert.