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Description of Green Chilli Sauce

Green chili sauce, or pepper sauce refers to any spicy sauce made from green chili peppers and other ingredient. There are many recipes for chili sauces - the common ingredient being chili peppers. This sauce is prepared from fire roasted native green chili peppers. The skins are removed and peppers diced. Onions are fried in lard and a roux is prepared. Broth and chili peppers are added to the roux and thickened. Its consistency is similar to gravy, and it is used as such. It also is used as a salsa. It is generally preferred over red chilli sauce.

The peppers are infused in anything from vinegar, oil, and alcohol to fruits and vegetable pulp. Other ingredients, including fruits and vegetables such as raspberries, mangoes, carrots, and chayote squash are sometimes used to add flavor, mellow the heat of the chilies, and thicken the sauce's consistency.

How to select Green Chilli Sauce

Select the sauce as per the hotness required n your recipes. Always check the expiry date and look out for any discoloration or gas formation ( bubbles) in the bottle, especially near the tip.

Culinary uses of Green Chilli Sauce

· Chinese green chili sauces usually come as a thick paste, and are used either as a dipping sauce or in stir frying
· Marinating the chicken with green chilli sauce and then grilling on a barbeque is fantastic.
· When handling fresh chillies be careful not to touch sensitive areas such as your eyes. It is recommended to rub a little olive or vegetable oil into your hands before you start to give a protective barrier to the chilli oil.
· Paprika, maple syrup, and Thai green chillies are combined with Chinese seasonings to prepare Sweet and hot recipe that can be added to vegetables or chicken preparations.
· Chiili sauce is a common ingredient in preparation like Thai green curry, sweet and sour tempeh, Chinese noodles, Italian Pasta, Chinese Fried rice, soups, stews,etc.
· Pour green chilli sauce over steamed vegetables for a beautiful combination of colour and flavour.

How to store Green Chilli Sauce

Keep the bottles in a dark cool cupboard for 3 months before using if you can. After opening the seal, keep sauce in the fridge and add a teaspoon to your next dish for a taste of orient.

Health benefits of Green Chilli Sauce

· The presence of pepper, tomato, oregano and onions in chilli sauce increases the anti oxidant quotient of the sauce
· Chilli sauce is low in fat content and is good source of Vit A, Vitamin C, iron and manganese.
· Chilli sauce is usually high in sodium content, so should be used sparingly in specific recipes.

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