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Also known as
Kewra essence

The flavouring derived from a variety of pandan, Pandanus fascicularis. Used in India, it is also called kewda essence and is from the male inflorescence of the plant. It is strongly floral. Use an eye-dropper to add a drop at a time in case too much goes in and ruins the dish. Concentrated oil made from pandanus flowers used to flavor desserts and beverages in Indian cuisine

How to Select
Look for tiny bottles of it in Indian and Asian markets. Don't confuse it with kewra water, which isn't nearly as potent. Pay for a good brand and verify on the dates stamped - manufacturing and expiry.

Culinary Uses
· Widely used in desserts and beverages.
· It adds a good aroma, when added to vermicelli Kheer or custards.
· Kewra essence, made from kewra flowers, is used for flavouring sweets in sugar syrup, like petha (candied white pumpkin), Ras Malai (cream cheese cooked in double cream). Itr kewra, a stronger concentrate than ruh kewra, is used in dry sweets like barfi (milk toffee) and gajar halwa (grated carrot pudding). Kewra is also used to perfume pulaos.
· Pan Masala and Gutka is the largest consumer of Indian attars. The reason for using it is its extraordinary tenacity along with characteristic to withstand with tobacco note.

How to Store
Store it in the refrigerator. Keep it in a dry place, sealed properly.

Health Benefits
· A cooling essence that cultivates creativity.
· It provides relive to the user when one suffers with insomnia

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