khatta bhaji

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Also Known As

Sindhi khatta bhaji, Sai Bhaji, Sindhi Sai bhaji, Indian Sorrel, Indian spinach.


Khatta bhaji is a green leafy vegetable, smaller version of palak or spinach leaves. It is slightly sour to taste. Almost every Sindhi household makes khatta bhaji and it has numerous variations.

Chopped khatta bhaji
Remove the leafy portion from the stalk. Let little small stalk remain. Wash and drain the leaves thoroughly. Gently roll the leaves as a bunch together and cut them straight in downward direction, preferably on a chopping or a wooden board. Now place the cut leaves in horizontal position and again cut it straight in downward direction. This is the chopped khatta bhaji.

How to Select

Khatta bhaji is available at most Indian vegetable vendors. Select the smaller version of spinach leaves. Choose the firm, dark green variety. See to it that it is fresh and free from any insect infestation.

Culinary Uses

The most common recipe called for khatta bhaji is made by combining sour spinach leaves and split Bengal gram or channa dal. Other vegetables include spinach, brinjal, onion and potatoes, all chopped. Method of cooking is as follows:
· Pressure cook the Bengal gram till 1 whistle. Drain and keep aside
· Heat oil and add coriander seeds, ginger garlic paste, chopped vegetables.
· Now add salt, the required spices, spinach, khatta bhaji,
· Again pressure cook till 2 whistles.
· Serve hot with rotis or parathas.
· It also goes well with any rice preparation.
You can also mix dill leaves or sowa as a variation.

How to Store

Since it as a green leafy vegetable, it has a low shelf life due to high moisture content. Once the moisture starts losing and khatta bhaji gradually starts wilting. So it is preferable to use it up as soon as possible. You can store it by wrapping it either in a paper or in perforated net bags under refrigeration temperature. It will last its freshness just for 2-3 days.

Health Benefits

· Being a green leafy vegetable, sorrel or khatta bhaji is high in vitamin A, which is good for skin and plays an important role in maintaining vision.
· It also consists of iron, which increases hemoglobin, specially recommended for growing children and pregnant females.
· Since it is low in calories, it can be eaten by people who want to lose weight.
· It helps in lowering the blood glucose levels in people having type 2 diabetes mellitus due to presence of high amount of dietary fiber.
· There is good amounts of antioxidants present in it along with Vitamin C, which helps fight cancer and boost immunity.