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Mayonnaise is a thick, creamy sauce or dressing made using oil, eggs, lemon juice or vinegar and dressings. Low-calorie Mayonnaise is a modified version of the classic mayonnaise where low fat milk is used instead of whole milk and eggs are omitted. Low-fat hung curds are also used in homemade low-calorie mayonnaise. This can be easily made at home using common ingredients like bread, hung curds, herbs etc., but they are also easily available in the market under different brand names.

How to select
It is very easily available in grocery shops, in small and large jars. When buying any brand, always check the manufacturing and expiry dates stamped.

Culinary uses
One of the most common uses for mayonnaise is as a spread for sandwiches, along with ketchup and mustard. A layer of mayonnaise spread across the bread provides moisture and the satisfying feeling of fats.
Mayonnaise is also used in certain fruit dips, after a bit of sweetening has been added.
You can brighten up the flavour of store-bought mayonnaise by adding good wine vinegar, lemon or lime juice.
When using mayo as a binder such as in a salad, try reducing the calorie content by using half mayo and half plain yoghurt.
Any variety of herbs, spices or flavourings can be added to enhance plain low-fat mayonnaise.

How to store
Unopened commercial mayonnaise can be stored on the shelf up to the expiration date. Once opened, it must be refrigerated but will still last up to a year or six months from the date on the jar.

Health benefits
Low-fat mayonnaise contains Vitamin A and is heart-friendly as it is free from trans-fats.

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