mango essence

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If you are a mango lover, this essence is a must. With a drop of this essence, you can relish many food preparations.

How to Select
It is very easily available in grocery stores. Pay for a good brand and verify on the dates stamped - manufacturing and expiry.

Culinary Uses
· Addition to milk and frothing it and garnishing with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream is a wonderful treat.
· Pastry cream is used as filling or stuffing for many French desserts like cream puffs, éclairs and napoleons.
· Also used to fill tarts, buns, Boston cream pie, some Italian and various other pastries.

How to Store
Store it in the refrigerator. Keep it in a dry place, sealed properly. Keep the extract in a cool dry area away from heat.

Essences are generally added to food to impart a particular flavour and colour to the beverage or any dish preparation. With varied flavours, you can become a Master Chef at home, ready to make any desired flavoured milk shake or water based drink. It is basically a substance in concentrated form that imparts flavor and fragrance to food preparations.