mango puree

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Mango puree is smooth paste of pulp of mango, usually yellow-orange in colour. It is processed by many companies and sold readymade. Preparing puree at home is also easy. Peel and slice the mango pulp and whisk it in juicer roughly. Do not add water.

How to select

As mango puree is easily available in markets under various brand names, it can be selected depending on variety of mango it is extracted from. Alphonso mango puree is sweeter and Totapuri mango puree is sweet-tart to taste. The blend of all varieties can also be selected as desired. Ensure the cans are properly sealed and pasteurized.

Culinary Uses

· Mango puree is used in preparation of nectars, drinks, juices and various other kinds of beverages.
· In addition, it can be used in preparing ice-creams, yoghurt and confectionery.

How to store

Mango puree should be kept in air-tight glass jars in refrigerator. It keeps fresh for 4-5 days.

Health benefits

· Mango has high iron content, so pregnant women and people suffering from anemia are advised to consume it regularly.
· It combats acidity and improves digestion.
· Mangoes contain phenols which are high in antioxidants.
· Mango is rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E which helps hormonal system function efficiently.
· Selenium is also present in mangoes which provide protection against heart disease.