masala peanuts

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Also Known As

Masala Groundnuts, Masala Sing, Talelia shenga, Spicy Peanuts.


Masala peanuts is a zesty and a very popular recipe in India. It may be eaten as a snack in itself or used in a number of recipes as one of the chief ingredients. There are two ways of preparing it.

1) Fried with a batter of besan, also known as peanut bhajia.

For preparing Peanut bhajias, you require salted roasted peanuts, gram flour and rice flour in 2 : 1 ratio, red chilli powder, salt and minimal water. Mix all the dry ingredients and slowly add 3-4 tbsp of water until the peanuts get well coated with the thick mixture. Deep fry each individaul peanut in bulk in well heated oil. Once they turn golden brown in color, allow to cool. You can store them in air tight container.

2) Peanuts are sprinkled with masala and then fried or prepared using microwave.
These can be called as Crunchy Masala peanuts. For preparing crunchy peanuts, you require raw peanuts, gram flour and rice flour in 2 : 1 ratio, red chilli powder, salt and minimal water. Wet the groundnuts thoroughly and quickly drain off the water. Mix all the dry ingredients well. Sprinkle it over the wet peanuts and move the vessel upside down, till all the peanuts get a uniform coatingof the thick mixture. Now heat around 4-5 tsp. Of oil in a microwave vessel on a highfor just 4 minutes. Gently transfer the coated groundnuts to this vessel and again microwave for 4 mins. Separate those peanuts, which stick to each other. Once cooked, transfer the peanuts over 3-4 tissue paper to remove off the excess oil. Allow to cool. The texture becomes hard and these turn dark orange to brown in color.

How to Select

When making at home, select whole raw peanuts. Discard those which are black in color. When buying ready made masala peanuts, you can easily get these in stores, which have snack foods. Also quite a few super markets store them. It is available in plastic packaging under various local brand names. Check for the date o packaging before buying.

Culinary Uses

l Masala Peanuts can be savored as a snack in itself along with the tea or coffee.
l You can top it up in Kurmura Bhel as well as other chaats such as Sev puri or Sukha Bhel or Ragda Samosa. It provides a crunchy effect while chewing.
l Masala sing is one of the the key ingredients used in Gujrati Dabeli or Double Roti. It is put in between the cut pav along with the chutneys and again put after a layer of the filling in between the pav.
l These are had a chakhana along with alcoholic beverages in parties.
l You can very well sprinkle little baked masala peanuts over the salads, if you are bored of eating the green salads on a daily basis. This gives a variety to the salads.

How to Store

The unopened Masala peanut pack can be stored in a dry place, no need of refrigeration. Home made masala peanuts or the opened packets can be transferred in any steel or plastic container, having a tight lid. An air tight container would be best, so that these are away from atmospheric moisture. The flavor remains intact and can be stored for at least 5-6 months.

Health Benefits

Peanuts, being a legume is rich in nutrients and provides immense health benefits.
l Peanuts are rich in proteins, which is a major macro nutrient required for growth and maintenance of body tissues and fluids.
l Peanuts are a very good source of monounsaturated fats or the MUFA, which helps decrease the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in the blood. Thus peanuts are very heart friendly as they help decrease the chances of heart attack.
l Peanuts are good sources of vitamin E, which delays the process of aging.
l It is also rich in vitamins like niacin, folate and manganese. These are very important in daily body mechanisms.
l In addition, peanuts provide resveratrol, the phenolic antioxidant also found in red grapes and red wine that lowers chances of heart disease.
l It consists of the anti oxidants namely, phytosterols and phytic acid may have anti-cancer effects.
l In addition it helps Prevent Gallstones.
l Studies show that it can protect against Alzheimer's and Age-related Cognitive Decline.