mawa peda

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Also Known as
Khoya Peda

A popular Indian delicaicy often prepared in festivals and special occasions. These days, mawa peads are also used as basic ingredients in many Indian desserts, where khoya needs to be replaced or substituted. Mawa peda is basically a soft milky sweet made from white khoya, sugar, pistachios and falvoured with cardamom. They are also available in saffron flavoured, known as kesar mawa peda. Mawa pedas are creamy having a smooth texture and just melts in your mouth. It is rich to taste and flavourful. It has a distinct flavour and the cardamom enhances the flavour giving an amazing sweet and floral taste. These pedas are easily available in market and can be prepared at home too.

How to Select
Choose from a trusted sweet shop, where the quality of khoya used is assured to be of a premium quality. Check for the freshness by judging the softness of the pedas. Preferably buy freshly prepared pedas as their shelf life is not long.

Culinary Uses
• They taste best as it is, especially when fresh and soft.
• They can be used to create some innovative recipes like mawa cupcakes and other desserts.
• They can also be added to Indian desserts like kheer and phirni to enhance the consistency and smoothness along with its taste.

How to Store
• Try and use the pedas the day you bring them home from market or the day they are prepared.
• They can be stored in a clean air-tight container in refrigerated conditions for 3 to 4 days.

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