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Orange juice is a delightful addition to food. Orange juice with addition of corn starch can be thickened. Thick honey is a better option as a sweetener rather than the sugar. Adjust sweetness according to taste and top it on your favourite food.

How to Select
To make at home, choose ripe and fresh pulpy oranges. It is easily available commercially in markets. Verify on the manufacturing and expiry date, to obtain maximum.

Culinary Uses
· Spoon orange sauce onto your favourite foods - pancakes, waffles, cakes, plain yoghurt or vanilla ice cream.
· Sometimes all you need to perk up a simple dessert is a real fruit sauce.
· Mix with the following ingredients to serve by itself or to us as a topping:
sour cream and brown sugar, whipped cream, sweetened whipped cream cheese, macaroon cookie crumbs, granola cereal, chopped nuts
· Mix the orange sauce with orange slices and toasted almonds

How to Store
Make fresh as far as possible. If you have to store the home made sauce, keep it in an air tight jar refrigerated. It is however advised to use within a week. The commercial sauce should be used within the expiry date, stamped.

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