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Papad khar is a seasoning that is used in the making of papads and traditionally used in khichu. The papad khar is an essential and vital ingredient in papad making, and contributes the crispness and expansion of fried papads. Papads can be made to have longer shelf life by adding some papad khar to the mixture.

Papad Khar is a chemical which is light brown/dark brown and is amorphous to crystalline which is mined in lumps and broken down. It is basically dissolved in water and that water was added to dough for papads.

How to Select
Papad khar comes in the form of a cube which is white in colour. To check the quality you can poke a nail in the middle. If it penetrates easily then the quality is not good. If it is too tough to poke its bad quality again as a lot of time will be taken to crush it. It should penetrate smoothly then the quality is appropriate. After this it is cut into half. If there are black granules inside the quality is not good.

Culinary Uses
" It is the main ingredient in making any kind of Papad as it prolongs the shelf life of papad.

How to Store
Always store it in an air tight to avoid any kind of spoilage.

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