papdi (chaat)

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Papdis are crispy small flat puris made of plain flour spiced up with salt and other spices.They add crunch to most chaat recipes. The dough used to prepare Papdis is usually very stiff. These are easily available in the market under different brand names and can be made at home too. Sometimes these Papdis may also be baked, to cut down on calories and fat percentage. These Papdis are used in a variety of chaats like bhelpuri, sevpuri, papdi chat etc.,all of which are famous Indian street foods.

Crushed papdi

How to select
When buying readymade Papdi, always check the expiry date and the seal of the packets. Avoid buying broken or very hard Papdis.

Culinary Uses
Papdis are commonly used in many chaat recipes like papdi chaat, bhelpuri, etc.
They are also used to make a variety of Indian starters.

How to Store
Always store the Papdis in an air-tight container in a cool and dry place.