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Pear pulp offers amazing flavour and health benefits. Pear pulp can be made easily at home. You can either peel it or blend it with the skin itself. Chop it into half and remove the seeds. Cut it into cubes and cook it in enough boiling water for 10 to 12 minutes. Cool and drain well. Blend it in a mixer along with 1 tbsp of water till smooth.

How to Select
Look for firm, juicy and green pears for making pulp at home. It is also available commercially of various brands. Read the label carefully for ingredients, manufacturing date as well as the expiry date.

Culinary Uses
" Fantastic with pancakes or when topped on ice cream, desserts.
" Use this pulp to give flavor to cakes or create many exciting desserts.
" It is often used in the preparation of Milk shakes and in ice slush's.
" It can also be drizzled on a fruit dish and enjoyed.
" It is also used alone or in combination of many cocktails and Mocktails.
" Pear butter is lightly scented with orange and nutmeg. Its taste is so good on toasts.

How to Store
It is best to store it in refrigerator, bottled. It can stay good up to 3 months or till expiry date stamped.

Health Benefits
" Pears are rich in vitamins and minerals that help to clear the colon and kidneys and can help to regenerate your blood cells.
" The pear pulp is another great source of dietary fibre which will help cure constipation
" A very good food for babies.

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